Lotus Exige 420 410 380 Sport Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Rear Spoiler


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Chariot OBM Design

What is special?

Pre-curved rear spoiler

Sport is definitely the best gear for road and track. As aerodynamics has always been a quintessential part of extracting top-notch performance, this carbon fiber spoiler’s visibility is way beyond its striking aesthetics upgrade. You’ll be impressed by the drastic improvement in aerodynamic efficiency and expansion of the car’s overall performance.

Aerodynamic drag force acts on the vehicle’s body resisting its forward motion. The LIFT and DRAG forces are important forces to be considered while designing the external body of the vehicle since it covers about 65% of the total force acting on the complete body.

The rear spoiler is an obstruction to localized airflow that improves the overall airflow around a vehicle. The design of the rear spoiler is a small angle of attack. At α = 0°, the relatively higher surface pressure near the rear end of the spoiler has caused a significant reduction in the Coefficient of lift as compared to the case without the spoiler. In addition, the Coefficient of drag has been slightly reduced. Note that this positive combination – reduction in both LIFT and DRAG – is highly appreciable.

The rear spoiler is an obstruction to localized airflow that improves the overall airflow around a vehicle using the angle of attack of less than 5° in most commercial vehicles.

By introducing the pre-Curvature, the linear straight wing results are partly recovered.

For Stiff, there is a 35% increase in the flutter speed at nominal conditions.

  • The damping and Frequency plot with Corresponding plots for the straight wing. It is again seen that pre-curvature leads to a decrease in the detrimental nonlinear effects of lift.

For Flex, the flutter results are similar to those obtained for a lower wing loading, i.e., the lower flutter mode is weaker and the higher flutter mode occurs at lower velocity. Thus even though there is no significant change in the flutter speed, the flutter is weaker in a pre-curved wing and thus might be overcome easily by inherent structural and aerodynamic damping.

  • The decrease in flutter speed due to large deflections may be essentially cancelled out by pre-curving the wing to get an approximately straight wing at nominal drive conditions.
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  • First-ever adaptation of hypercar-graded carbon fiber in Lotus part
  • Highly recognizable design unmatched by rivals
  • Showcase of Lotus’ motorsport pedigree both on track and road
  • special profile motorsport grade weight approx.  2.26kg
  • OBM Designed for
    • Exige Sport 380
    • Exige Sport 410
    • Exige Sport 420

Custom Order

  • We can custom carbon weave & pattern for you. For example, twill or plain weave, yellow/red/Blue kevlar, forge carbon & honeycomb, etc.
  • We can construct your custom style and design for Exige, Evora & Elise.


  • Our carbon fiber products are handcrafted by A-grade carbon fiber material and are manufactured by vacuum infusion process, these processes are 10-20% lighter than the traditional rolling method. This improved the looking of the product’s underside as well as improved its durability.
  • These products are intended for off-road or track use only unless your local and state laws state otherwise.
  • All these handcrafted products might need minor adjustment while fitting recommends a professional body shop for installation.
  • Professional installation is required. The picture shown is for illustration purposes only. The actual product may vary due to product enhancement. Modification of parts is required to ensure proper fitment. Test fit all Body Kit parts before any modification or painting.
  • TIPS FOR All Customers:
    • For carbon fiber items, it is glossy UV protected with a 3K twill weave.
    • For matte carbon fiber items, it is matte finished.
    • Due to the handcrafted product, it needs minor adjustment while fitting.
    • Installation by a professional body is highly recommended.
    • Please contact us if we have your own specified shipping to your country.