Lotus Evora S Carbon Fibre Side Scoops


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Chariot OBM Design

What’s an ultra?

A piece monoblock design approx. 200 Grams ultra-lightweight full carbon fiber side scoops for the Evora can take your engine to a more comfortable level. Featuring wider radiator twill weaver carbon fiber intake apertures helps reduce intake air temperature whilst to operate at higher pressures than standard, meaning a higher and more consistent power output. What is more, you need to worry when the Lotus V6 engine is cool enough for you to push to the limit!


  • Approx. 200 Grams Monoblok 1-Piece profile creating the lightest weight
  • side scoops and intake finishing with twill weaver carbon fiber
  • intake side with carbon fiber finishing
  • Increased wide radiator apertures
  • Optimize intake air temperature
  • Direct fitment plug & play no any cutting or bodywork
  • OBM Designed for
    • Evora S
    • Evora 400
    • Evora Sport 410
    • Evora GT430
    • Evora GT430 Sport and GT410 Sport
    • Evora GT North America
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Carbon Fiber

  • All carbon item comes in smooth, glossy surface finishing that’s ready for installation.
  • Professional installation is required. The picture shown is for illustration purposes only. The actual product may vary due to product enhancement. Modification of parts is required to ensure proper fitment. Test fit all Body Kit parts before any modification or painting.

Custom Order

  • We can custom carbon weave & pattern for you. For example, twill or plain weave, yellow/red/Blue kevlar, forge carbon & honeycomb, etc.
  • We can construct your custom style and design for Exige, Evora & Elise.
  • Tailor-made V-Weave


  • These products are intended for off-road or track use only unless your local and state laws state otherwise.
  • NOTES: All these handcrafted products might need minor adjustments while fitting recommends a professional body shop for installation.
  • TIPS FOR All Customers:
    • For carbon fiber items, it is glossy UV protected with a 3K twill weave.
    • For matte carbon fiber items, it is matte-finished.
    • Due to the handcrafted product, it is a need for minor adjustment while fitting.
    • Installation by a professional body is highly recommended.
    • Please contact us if we have your own specified shipping to your country.