Exige V6 Exige Carbon Fibre Hardtop


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Lightweight is always the best description for Lotus cars, while every single parts should be counted in when coming to weight deduction. Imagine of having a lightweight carbon hardtop with only 5 kg, with a huge difference compared to the 11kg OEM roof, but you cannot imagine how much better handling you can for payback until you try it. The hardtop includes all brackets and seals which are directly compatible for installation with motorsports safety standards. The quality and roof shape is exactly the same as the original, while the texture is made from fully autoclaved carbon fibre. The UV protective lacquer is also applied to prevent the roof from fading. Compatible with the S2/3 Lotus Elise (all models).

SKU: AD-LOTUS-ROOF-S2-S3 Categories: , , Height: 20cm, Width: 85cm, Length: 120cm


  • Reducing hardtop weight from 11 kg to 5 kg
  • Includes brackets and seals for safety equipment installation
  • Exact shape as OEM part
  • Autoclaced carbon fibre with UV protective lacquer applied
  • Compatible with the S2/3 Lotus Elise (all models)