Chariot Exige V6 430 Cup Carbon Fibre Side Scoops



New version 1 piece monoblock design 500Grams ultra-lightweight full carbon fiber side scoops for the Exige V6 can take your engine to a more comfortable level. Featuring  430cups type wider radiator twill weaver carbon fiber intake apertures helps reducing intake air temperature whilst to operate at higher pressures than standard, meaning a higher and more consistent power output. What is more, you need to worry when the Lotus V6 engine is cool enough for you to push to the limit?

SKU: A-Exige-SV-CUP-EX Categories: , , Height: 42cm, Width: 18cm, Length: 52cm


  • 500 Grams Monoblok 1-Piece profile creating the lightest weight
  • side scoops and intake finishing with double side twill weaver carbon fibre
  • intake side with carbon fibre finishing
  • Increased 430cups type wide radiator apertures
  • Optimise intake air temperature
  • direct fittment plug & play no any cutting or bodywork