Chariot Exige 380/410 Sports V Weaver Carbon Fibre Rear Wing



Chariot Motor Design

The special profile carbon V Weaver rear wing for Exige 380/410 Sport is definitely the best gear for road and track. As aerodynamics has always been a quintessential part in extracting top-notch performance, this V Weaver carbon fibre wing’s visibility is way beyond its striking aesthetics upgrade. you’ll be impressed by the drastic improvement in aerodynamic efficiency and expansion of the car’s overall performance.

SKU: CFV-Exige-V6-380/410S-RW Categories: , Height: 50cm, Width: 15cm, Length: 135cm


  • First-ever adaptation of V-WEAVER hypercar-graded carbon fiber in Lotus part
  • Highly recognisable design unmatched by rivals
  • Showcase of Lotus’ motorsport pedigree both on track and road
  • special profile motorsport grade weight. 2.26kg