Chariot Exige V6 V Weaver Carbon Fibre Front Access Panel


Ensures that the radiator continues receiving cold air

Reduce the temperature of the air inside the bonnet and will help improve the car's performance.


What do you expect the most from a Lotus Exige V6?

Which is the ART PIECES? Lightweight hypercar-graded  V-WEAVER  carbon fibre.

The V-WEAVER carbon fibre front access panels optimise airflow around the horizontally-mounted radiators, which gives you a better look than the other Lotus. The supercar quality carbon fibre offers you 100% the same quality as the OEM access panels for Exige V6 Cup 430 380 Sport Style Front Access Panel. But we provide you with a better product, with a better price.

SKU: A-Exige-V6-Cup-V-Weave-FAP Categories: , , Height: 13cm, Width: 93cm, Length: 102cm


  • First-ever adaptation of V-WEAVER hypercar-graded carbon fibre in Lotus parts
  • Optimise radiator air flow
  • 100% OEM quality with fraction of the price
  • Designed for Exige V6, V6 Cup, 350, 410 Sport
  • direct fitment, plug and play