Chariot Exige 430 Cup Carbon Fibre Front Splitter


Seals off the entire area all the way from the front of the vehicle

Creates a decent low-pressure area under the vehical to assist downforce


1.45kg weight!!!!  true motorsport grade carbon fibre front splitter.

All the air flow hits the front of the car before everything else, so the better the aerodynamics in the front, the more stable the car is when hitting high speed or during the hard stop before the corners. This specially Chariot motorsports engineered 430cups carbon fibre splitter can maximise the aerodynamic performance under all circumstances. It effectively reduce the drag and generating and excessive 76kg downforce.

SKU: A-Exige-430-Cup-FL-EPA Categories: , , Height: 15cm, Width: 63cm, Length: 176cm


  • Generating 76kg of downforce
  • motorsport grade carbon fibre weight 1.45kg
  • special design for 2013-2018MY
  • direct fitment /plug & play