Chariot Exige V6 Carbon Fibre Engine Side Cover (Supercharger Pulley Cover)


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Noise Reduction


Nothing is more important than the heart of the car, which is the engine. While in many car enthusiasts’ minds, if you treat your engine good, the car will run well as away, and this is why you need something unique for your Lotus. The 4-piece carbon fibre engine cover wraps up the Exige’s heart with lightweight, top-graded carbon materials with quality far beyond other aftermarket manufacturers, or even the OEM which is only made out of plastic.

The carbon fibre Engine Side Cover (Supercharged Pulley Cover) acts as a centrepiece in the engine bay, demonstrating the motorsport aesthetics of the Exige and providing weight-saving enhancement, while achieving top-notch craftsmanship and R&D that are dominating the market.

The carbon fiber cover makes the engine bay look nice and clean and attractive and usually helps with noise and heat.

SKU: A-EXIGE-V6-ESC-OE-S3 Categories: , , , Height: 17cm, Width: 12cm, Length: 29cm