Chariot Elise S2 S3 CUP220 Style GT Wing


Stability At High Speed With A GT WING


Installed on the rear part of a car body and generating downforce to hold a moving car against the ground, the grip force of the rear tire increases, which improves LOTUS ELISE cornering performance, acceleration performance, and stability at high speed.

Notably improving vehicle stability by decreasing lift and drag in a car at high speed. Lift is the upward force that is generated under the chassis and causes the front tyres of the car to be slightly lifted off the ground when the motion car gains some speed. Drag is that force that pulls back the car when in motion that is the force in opposition to the car direction

SKU: A-Elise-S2S3-GT-Wing Categories: , , Height: 15cm, Width: 50cm, Length: 135cm

  • Glossy carbon fibre finish
  • Motorsport derived
  • Providing the just the right combination of grip and power.