Quality Carbon Fiber Car Parts

Good quality Carbon fiber Car Parts

  1. Crashworthiness.
    •  The energy absorption capability of composite material is important in developing improved human safety in an automotive crash. In passenger vehicles, the ability to absorb impact energy and be survivable for the occupant is called crashworthiness of structure. The crashworthiness in terms of specific energy absorption of carbon fiber composite material systems.
  2. Weight reduction.
    • Lightweight materials are essential for lowering their cost, increasing their ability to be recycled, enabling their integration into vehicles, and maximizing their fuel economy benefits. Light weighting without loss of strength and speed properties is the present, and the future, of the automotive manufacturing industry. The new material is named carbon fibre reinforced Plastic (CFRP). It is a very durable and light but expensive composite material with fiberglass reinforced plastic. The car body of this material is 50 % lighter than steel and 30 % lighter than aluminium.
    • Carbon composite materials are one such alternative that has excellent material properties that combines flexibility, with relatively low cost and high functionality reducing the weight by up to 60%. The key driver is weight saved and the increase in specific strength and stiffness that carbon composite offer. The key enabler in using carbon fibre is low cost – high cost generally makes carbon fibre components prohibitive unless additional revenue can be made. Every 10 kg of reduction of a vehicle improves the fuel consumption efficiency of automobiles and leads to a drop in carbon emission of 1g/km.
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