260 Cup


Elise 260 Cup, rare and race-bred, the extreme limited-edition packs the company’s passion for motorsport engineering into one of the most accomplished cars it has ever produced. It has integrated some of the latest design philosophies from high-performance stablemates including the Exige Cup 380, and the mighty Evora GT430, as well as building upon the track and competition-only Elise Race 250. Taking a blend of exotic and lightweight materials to produce a truly noble sports car, is considerably greater than the sum of its parts.

OEM SPECIFICATION: (1) Carbon fibre front splitter, (2) Carbon fibre front access panel, (3) Carbon fibre engine cover, (4) Carbon fibre roll hoop cover, (5) Carbon fibre race-derived rear wing, (6) Black soft-top, & (7) Carbon fibre sill covers

– Carbon Fiber Hardtop

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