250 Cup

Five Stars Motorsport Car

Elise Cup 250 offers a scintillating blend of purity of purpose with performance at the apex of the recently revised Elise range. Supercharged, lightweight and distilled from Lotus’ extensive motorsport know-how. Focused on cutting weight and boosting performance, It has already been hailed as a five-star car by the international motoring press. It’s every inch a track car – but with road-going manners.

(1) Matt black rear wing, (2) Matt black front splitter, (3) Matt black rear diffuser, (4) Matt black side skirts, (5) Matt Black front access panel, (6) Matt black mirror plinths, (7) Matt black mirror caps, (8) Matt black roll hoop cover, (9) Matt black transom panel, (10) Black soft-top & (11) Black leather-trimmed door sill covers.

(1) Carbon Fiber Front Splitter, (2) Carbon Fiber Rear Wing, (3) Carbon Fiber Side
Skirts, (4) Carbon Fibre Hard-top, (5) Carbon Fibre Front Access Panel, (6) Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
Carbon fibre roll-hoop cover
Carbon fibre sill covers

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