The Story Behind V-WEAVER

When carbon fiber is mentioned, most will think “Performance and Lightweight”; both of which are true with our carbon products. What some don’t realize is that #carbonfibre can be woven into more than one pattern. Carbon fibre fabric is made from thousands and thousands of carbon fiber strands. These strands are then interlaced to create the weft and the warp. The form in which the weft and the warp are interwoven produces the weave pattern.

V-WEAVER is named after its “V” like appearance. The history behind it is that many years ago carbon fiber manufacturers in European tried making carbon fiber hoods for exotic super cars. At that time, they didn’t have carbon fiber sheets wide enough to cover the car’s whole hood. Instead, they put two pieces of fabric together and that’s when the V pattern was “born”.

Fast forward to today, with advances in weaving technology and experience with craftsmanship, the “V” pattern can be achieved at a good cost than before and therefore, offered to more driving enthusiasts.

Our Exige V6 V-WEAVER Carbon Fibre Front Access Panel is first in its product line to feature this V-WEAVE pattern. And it is now available at special price for Chariot opening celebration.

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