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Carbon Fiber K Grades Explained

Seeing “3K” or “12K” in an advertisement can make a buyer scratch their head with confusion. Let’s have a closer look into the meaning of K. About K You have probably heard about 3K and 12K carbon fiber. In addition to that, there are 1K, 2K, 6K, 24K and so on. To understand them better,Your Read More Link Text

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Chariot Forged Wheels For Lotus

Analysis and comparison between the forged aluminum wheel and steel wheel : steel wheel Forged aluminum rim Steel wheel rim Competitive results 1. Weight 24 kg 49kg Aluminum rim half-light 2. Materials 6061 high strength alloy aluminum steel plate The aluminum wheel rim has high comprehensive mechanical strength. 3. Manufacturing style It is formed byYour Read More Link Text

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Carbon Fiber Side Scoops For Lotus

A passive aerodynamic device for reduced drag can be to provide a desirable shape for the purpose. A side scoop for air inlet is used as an inlet with high efficiency and very low additional drag for the vehicle. It must be located in an area with thin boundary layer and it should be orientedYour Read More Link Text

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Carbon Fiber Diffuser For Lotus

An automobile diffuser is traditionally used as a downforce generator, but it can also be effective for drag reduction for some types of bodies. The overall idea and function are that a cross-sectional area increases in the flow direction, producing a decrease in fluid velocity from inlet to outlet; with a corresponding increase in staticYour Read More Link Text

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EXIGE S V6 Rear Spoiler /GT Wing

The rear spoiler / GT Wing is used to increase the amount of downforce to the rear tires. Increasing this downforce increases the normal force between the tire and track surface, which theoretically should increase the potential to use the engine power to accelerate the car. If there is little normal force then there isYour Read More Link Text

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The Story Behind V-WEAVER

When carbon fiber is mentioned, most will think “Performance and Lightweight”; both of which are true with our carbon products. What some don’t realize is that #carbonfibre can be woven into more than one pattern. Carbon fibre fabric is made from thousands and thousands of carbon fiber strands. These strands are then interlaced to createYour Read More Link Text

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