Result of 3D Scanning

3D Scan and Design Carbon Fiber Car Parts

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Evoking the spirits of motor racing

Racing means much more: it’s where innovations are born. “Being directly involved in motorsports makes an invaluable contribution to our products and our brand.” To deliver continually enhanced engine components that excel in the most demanding driving conditions, you have to prove them in an even more extreme environment. And there is no tougher testYour Read More Link Text

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The Story Behind V-WEAVER

When carbon fiber is mentioned, most will think “Performance and Lightweight”; both of which are true with our carbon products. What some don’t realize is that #carbonfibre can be woven into more than one pattern. Carbon fibre fabric is made from thousands and thousands of carbon fiber strands. These strands are then interlaced to createYour Read More Link Text

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TARGET SPECIFICATION Power – Ultra Lightweight – High Performance – Aerodynamic Efficiency Sourced:; Styled By: Chariot OBM

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Pre-curved Design

V Weave Rear Spoiler

What is V Weave? It is the application of Twill Weave Creates a diagonal, chevron, hounds tooth, corkscrew, or other design. The design is enhanced with coloured yarn that is strong and may develop a shine. Twill weave is characterized by diagonal ridges formed by the yarns, which are exposed on the surface. These mayYour Read More Link Text

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Difference between Dry & Wet Carbon Fiber Car Parts

Dry Carbon: Manufactured using resin pre-coated sheets of carbon fibre in an autoclave. This process produces a product that is less sensitive to the effects of UV rays and temperature. While it is more costly to produce, it makes for a thinner product that is then polished and clear coated to produce a high glossYour Read More Link Text

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