Autoclave Dry Carbon Products Production – Molding

Autoclave molding is typically used in the carbon fiber sportscar industry for the production of high-value composites from prepregs. The laminate, which is covered on both sides by a fine polyester cloth peel-ply (for enhancing surface effect) is built up on the mold surface. The top surface of the laminate is covered by a porous release film and bleeder cloth. The whole assembly is then covered with a non-porous membrane which is sealed to the mold, and then placed inside an autoclave.

The autoclave moulding method is very similar to vacuum bagging, with few changes. Heat and pressure that are required by the biocomposites during the curing stage are supplied by the autoclave machine. This process involves firmly stacking prepregs in a mould following a specific sequence.


A. Uniform pressure in the tank: because compressed gas or inert gas or mixed gas is used to inflate and pressurize the hot pressing tank, the pressure acting on the normal of each point on the surface of the vacuum bag is the same, and the components are formed and solidified under uniform pressure

B. Uniform air temperature in the tank: the high-speed circulation of heating or cooling gas in the tank. The gas temperature at each point in the tank is basically the same. On the premise of reasonable die structure, it can ensure that the temperature difference at each point during the temperature rise and fall of components sealed on the die is small.

C. For carbon fiber products, it has high hardness, high-temperature resistance, and yellowing resistance. It is very light, but the cost is high. The price is about twice that of ordinary wet carbon. In the favor of OE, brands, and other high-quality customers

D. Any complex product can be molded, and as long as the mold is made, the product can be produced.

Disadvantages :

A: Low efficiency, one mold can only produce one product a day, if you need high efficiency, only duplicating many molds

B: Extremely high power consumption and high equipment maintenance costs

C: Relative high mold cost


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